/What I do


Since I attended my first informatics course in school, my main passion is the computer science. I like to explore new gadgets, code around and learn more about all technical topics. During my three months practical training in the IBM Research Center in Almaden, USA, I discovered my love for papers, research, and congresses. Therefore, I am currently deepening my experience in the scientific field and try to learn as much as possible.


Although I am a geek, I like to help people in my environment. Therefore, I am an active member of the German Red Cross. As a basic paramedic, I and other volunteers take medical care of events like soccer games or concerts.


My third passion is the film and video world. I have my own small company who plans, shoots, and edits music videos, after movies, and animated films. My main customers are DJs, event organizer, and other artists. During my shoots I do not only film the event, I live and stage it.